ITK functions need more documentation

Dear All:

I am new in this field and implementing a registration code. But when I search Simple ITK documentation, I find it unfriendly for complete beginners. For example, when I search online to understand the code `sitk.BSplineTransformInitializer(image1 = fixed_slice_img, transformDomainMeshSize = (6,6), order=3)', I don’t get any help. So my question is where I can find proper documentation to know about the parameters (transformDomainMeshSize, order, etc.). What are these values and how can we specify their values. Please elaborate with detail. Thanking you in anticipation.

Hello @imranmuet,

To learn SimpleITK, see the documentation on read-the-docs, registration in particular and the API doxygen documentation.

Additionally we recommend going through the online tutorial, and possibly the notebook repository, specifically the 6* series of notebooks that deal with registration.