ITK Examples Hackathon 2022 Summary

Thank you to everyone who attended the ITK Examples Hackathon 2022 this past Friday! We had a great time with significant updates from remote and in-person attendees, including new C++ and Python examples, bug fixes, an interactive Jupyter Notebook, and even a fresh new UI appearance.

Check out the updated ITK examples documentation at

New Features

These changes were developed and completed as part of the hackathon or hackathon preparations:

  • Catch exceptions by _const_ reference (Niels Dekker)
  • Simplify C++ example of ReadAnImage by calling itk::ReadImage (Niels Dekker)
  • Add an example that demonstrates interfacing with NumPy (Andinet Enquobahrie)
  • Use auto for declaration of variables initialized by New() (Niels Dekker)
  • Add ImageBufferAndIndexRange example (Niels Dekker)
  • Remove parameters from main(int, char *[]) when both are unused (Niels Dekker)
  • Remove extra spaces between parentheses of CMake command calls (Niels Dekker)
  • Use pydata-sphinx-theme (Paul Elliot)
  • Replace postfix by prefix increment in C++ for loops (Niels Dekker)
  • Add ScaleAnImage Python example and update input data (Tom Birdsong)
  • Add example on Python eager loading (Tom Birdsong)
  • Add Python example to create mesh cells (Pranjal Sahu)
  • Add Python example on module loading printouts (Tom Birdsong)
  • Adjust title of ImageBufferAndIndexRange example (Niels Dekker)
  • Add Python Example GlobalRegistrationOfTwoImages (Natalie Johnston)

These features were proposed during the hackathon and are in active development:

  • Add SmoothImageWithDiscreteGaussianFilter Python example (Roman Fenioux)
  • Migrate example itkGrayscaleFunctionDilateImageFilter (Shreeraj Jadhav)
  • Add Python sample for ConvolveImageWithKernel (Pranjal Sahu)
  • Add 1D FFT example (Tom Birdsong)
  • Add example derivativeImage (Laryssa Abdala)
  • Migrate example RGBImageReadWrite (Shreeraj Jadhav)

New Contributors

Special thanks to first-time contributors to the ITKSphinxExamples repository:

  • Laryssa Abdala
  • Niels Dekker
  • Paul Elliot
  • Andinet Enquobahrie
  • Roman Fenioux
  • Shreeraj Jadhav
  • Natalie Johnston
  • Pranjal Sahu

Additional Notes

Many thanks to Matt McCormick for assistance in organizing the hackathon, reviewing pull requests, and making real-time changes to itkwidgets to accommodate ITKSphinxExamples notebooks.

The ITKSphinxExamples repository is available year-round for new example contributions. When a new feature is added to ITK, please consider adding an example there to aid in documentation and adoption.

See you all next time!