ITK Data for examples

I am trying to reproduce the ITK example ImageRegistration8.cxx in the examples folder.

This example uses the following files: brainweb1e1a10f20.mha and brainweb1e1a10f20Rot10Tx15.mha.

Although, when I look into examples data files/BrainWeb I only find the following files: brainweb1e1a10f20.mha.md5 and brainweb1e1a10f20Rot10Tx15.mha.md5.
Apparently the same files, but with different extensions (.mha.md5 instead of just .mha).

When I run the application it gives an IO error. ITK does not recognize such formats:

>> Could not create IO object for reading file brainweb1e1a10f20.mha.md5

Do you guys know how to solve that?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @machadoL,

The .md5 and .sha512 files are content links to avoid bloat of the Git repository.

The files they point to can be found here:


Great. Thanks, Matt.

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