itk and gpu computation

Hello everybody,
I browsed through the forum in order to find if some itk pipelines such as registration processes can be computed by the gpu of my computer. I saw this topic from 2017: Is it possible to use GPU for image resample? but it did not help me that much. As I understand, only a few functions of itk are supported by the gpu.
So I have two questions:

  • Can complex itk pipelines be computed by the gpu (such as registration process) ?
  • If yes, did developers provide any examples of pipelines which can be computed by the gpu ?

Thank you for your help.

That is correct. Gaussian smoothing and a few friends have GPU variants. Registration is not included. This lack of filters makes it hard to have a processing pipeline entirely on the GPU.

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Ok, thank you for the precision.

Experimental Python packages on Linux are available for the ITKElastix remote module:

They use GPU resampling.

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