ITK 5.2 rc2 solved a multiprocessing issue - thanks!

I have just tested the release candidate for version 5.2 of itk and wanted to share with you that it solved a previous issue with multiprocessing (as promised in the release notes :slight_smile:).
Also, I did not encounter any problems with the new version, apart from minor modifications (which were also in the release notes), so thanks!

The code that did not work is:

from multiprocessing.dummy import Pool

import itk
import numpy as np

n_imgs = 10
fnames = [f'img_{n}.nii' for n in range(n_imgs)]  # a list of images
# Write the images - uncomment only once for writing the images
# list(map(lambda fname: itk.imwrite(itk.image_from_array(np.zeros((10, 10, 10), dtype=np.int16)), fname), fnames))

# Read images with threads (itk backend) - did not work before itk 5.2
pool = Pool(n_imgs) fname: itk.imread(fname), fnames)
# The error reads:
# AttributeError: module 'ITKIOImageBase' has no attribute 'swig'

# Close the pool and wait for the work to finish

But with 5.2 the error is gone.


@jond01 thanks for testing and the feedback! :pray:

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