Issues with CMake and ITK installation

Hi everyone,
I’m sorry if this is too basic level question, but I’m having problems installing ITK. Probably the biggest problem of mine is that I’m unfamiliar with computer language such as compilations and the likes, so I’ve spent several hours just trying to get CMake and ITK installed so I can use another application (Bruker converter:, which asks me for CMake and ITK).

I managed to install CMake 3.18.4 by running both and then running . I assume they are correctly installed as I saw no problems. How can I make sure these are correctly installed?

I’m also trying to get ITK installed through the command line using

git clone git://

but I get an error saying “fatal: repository ‘’ not found”. Googling online I found that the github repository is no longer available, but the thread didn’t say where it moved, or what is the new command I should use to get ITK.

Alternatively, I tried downloading ITK from (I downloaded InsightToolkit-5.1.1.tar.gz), but after extracting the tar, I do not know how to install it (what to click on, etc).

So I’m a bit trapped trying to install these two “softwares” to get the Bruker Converter installed so I can move forward with my analysis. Could you help me out?

Thanks, Seb.

ITK is now at GitHub, so git clone is the new command. This tutorial shows how to build ITK and NANConvert.

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Thanks for this! I managed to install all the components with no problem =)

Cheers, Seb