Issue VS2019 ITK build

I tried to build in Visual Studio 2019 (after processing 5.0.1 Toolkit in CMake) ALL_BUILD, but 5 process (of 245) have not been completed. Can you help me?

It says: “Call API PDB failed. Code error:3” and the last error is “Impossible to open the file …”

It is a known problem in VS2019. Please up-vote this bug report. Meanwhile, you could try version 5.0 beta1.

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Can i program in another way, using for example an older version of VS or another programm? (I’m using windows and i can’t wrap the code in python because some functions are missing). I want to use Clang, but i don’t know how to set ITK if i can’t use VS

edit: I configured ITK with the version 5.1 with VS (it worked), but i don’t know how to include libraries in Clang

clang is not well supported under Windows. I suggest you to stick to Visual Studio on Windows.