Issue installing ITKPythonPackage with pip

I need itk 5.2 so I am trying to install itk python packages with pip. I am running a windows 10 64bit, python 3.7 within anaconda3 environment, Microsoft Visual Studio 2019.
After installing pypi, cmake 3.21 & scikit-build & doxygen via conda, running pip install itk gives me a “ITK source code directory path length is too long (128 > 50)” error. I believe it is the same which was faced in this github discussion.
I tried:

  • pip install --upgrade pip, which did not change the issue.
  • I also updated the maximum path length for windows following these steps.
  • since it is a cmake error I updated the CMakeList.txt with set(CMAKE_OBJECT_PATH_MAX 260). I added this line in all the CMakeList.txt found in anaconda directory (including anaconda3\envs\IQA37\Lib\site-packages\cmake), but again no progress. I believe I should update a cmake list directly in the itk build directory but I cannot find it in the Temp directory where it should have been created by pypi (C:\Users\claraj\AppData\Local\Temp\pip-install-55ti22tq\itk_b9de5bc5823540268da4341a903c5837 )

Attached is the output error. Please could you help me figure out the steps to solve this?
ITKInstallError.txt (26.7 KB)

I responded in the GitHub issue. Let’s continue the discussion there.

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