is it possilbe to change RefineMontage default TransformType to itk::Rigid2DTransform

hello, as i know the default Registration method is B-Spline Registration in CompleteMontage or RefineMontage, right.

B-Spline Registration is flexiable that allows local distortion and non-rigid deformation, but it cost more time to calculate. But in my case, there is no distortion in my stitching dataset. so i think Rigid2DTransform should be fine for me

is it possible to use Rigid2DTransform in RefineMontage and how to do that if yes

i try to specify Rigid2DTransform here in itkPhaseCorrelationImageRegistrationMethod, but it can not build success

Montage module only deals with translation transforms, not BSpline. And this assumption is seriously baked in. Allowing more flexible transform, such as rigid, would require massive refactoring.

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