Is it possible to apply a fraction of the transformation that obtained from the registration ?! (Elastix, and Transform)

I have lung CT data. I apply a deformable registration to align the inspiration scan to the expiration scan.
I got the registered image and the transformationParamters. I used (transformix -def all) to get the deformation field which is stored as a vector where each voxel contains the displacement vector Tµ(x) − x in physical coordinates.

My question is : can we apply a fraction of the deformation, (i.e 1/5 of the deformation instead of the full deformation)

For example, a voxel x is moved by (10, 20, 6) mm in x, y, and z direction. I want that voxel to move by (5,10,3) mm only.
I hope there is away to edit the transformationParameter and/or the deformation field to achieve that.

Thanks in advance

Multiplying the deformation field with a scalar of 0.5 should accomplish that.

Thanks Dzenan
But, how can I apply this deformation after multiplication to my input image?

I know that transformix can take the transformationParameters to transform an input image.
Is there any way to edit the transformationParameters itself to apply a fraction of the deformation to the input image?!

@Niels_Dekker might know. If no one responds here, ask at elastix GoogleGroup.