IO DLLs not found

I am trying to setup the new CI infrastructure in RTK but the windows “build-test-cxx” fails, see

When doing the same compilation locally, it turns out that the IO DLLs (ITKIOGDCM-5.2.dll, ITKIOTIFF-5.2.dll, ITKIOMeta-5.2.dll, ITKIOImageBase-5.2.dll) are not found and the tests are not executed. Do you know what could be wrong?

Hello Simon,

Where is ITK_MODULE_RTK_DEPENDS defined?

And are the IO modules included there?

I think it’s set by the itk_module macro

based on

If you are building the test directory as part of the whole remote module you would not need to redo a find ITK package.

Here is a recent module I worked which could be used as an example:

I’m sure the RTK case is more complicate, but hopefully it gives you some insight to what may need to be changed.

Thanks for the suggestion. Indeed, RTK would probably benefit a refactoring to ITK standard. But even when I tried to do it for one test, I still get the same error. See the new (temp) version of the CMakeLists.txt

and the result of the compilation here. Any other suggestion?

Good idea to break it down to a simple standard case. I’m not sure what might be causing the problem.

Hopefully it will be clearly apparent to some one else now. :slight_smile:

I have found a working patch

but this seems contradictory with the possibility to define these paths

Since I’d prefer to keep RTK path separate, does anyone see a fix for this?
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For the record, it was just a problem of ITK shared libraries not being in the path. See this PR in the template module to avoid similar problems in the future:

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