Integrate itk-wasm with VTK example

I want to try VTK C++ ClipUnstructuredGridWithPlane example with itk-wasm just like Hello World hello.cxx.

After download ClipUnstructuredGridWithPlane example file and npm install itk-wasm globel. I run itk-wasm build in that folder. But i got this error ClipUnstructuredGridWithPlane: Unable to find the VTK build folder..

this is because in c++ file, it will detect if VTK is installed. Code is blow.

So, I try itk-wasm build with some args to tell where my vtk directory is. But still the problem occur.

And I see when itk-wasm build, it will start a docker progress. So i want to know how do i pass my environment setup to build?

Does the C++ version of the example build correctly on your machine? You need to get that working first. There is a warning about AMD64 vs ARM64 platform mismatch. I suggest starting there.

@Albers_Steven , @dzenanz
firstly i would check that if itkwasm/emscripten is pulled down by your docker-desktop.

docker images
the above will give you list of docker images in your system linux/amd64, itkwasm/emscripten is the toolchain called by itk-wasm build and start building your project and translating it to webassembly module , per experts javascript language.

  1. vscode EDI terminal check the itk-wasm is installed. npm ls will give you that.
  2. do you have vtk installed on your system and all the necessary paths setup in linux.
    please post your cmake file(ask @dzenanz do you need VTK installed on you machine?)
    here is the itkwasm/emscripten toolchain image. you must have it other wise build fails

p.s: i have built another example under wsl/ubuntu but it crashes when i run it. so i am ahead of you but still not working, i just posted a big question on ITK discussion forum and i am confused how itk-wasm really works for itk pipelines we write. i tried add noise to binary image example and it is built but crashing. refer to my question i posted it one hour ago