Integrate itk-wasm with VTK example

I want to try VTK C++ ClipUnstructuredGridWithPlane example with itk-wasm just like Hello World hello.cxx.

After download ClipUnstructuredGridWithPlane example file and npm install itk-wasm globel. I run itk-wasm build in that folder. But i got this error ClipUnstructuredGridWithPlane: Unable to find the VTK build folder..

this is because in c++ file, it will detect if VTK is installed. Code is blow.

So, I try itk-wasm build with some args to tell where my vtk directory is. But still the problem occur.

And I see when itk-wasm build, it will start a docker progress. So i want to know how do i pass my environment setup to build?

Does the C++ version of the example build correctly on your machine? You need to get that working first. There is a warning about AMD64 vs ARM64 platform mismatch. I suggest starting there.