"Installing" ITK 5

We are currently using ITK 5.1rc2 for our project. We have noticed that if we just set ITK_DIR to the build directory for ITK our project will compile. If we do an “install” of ITK into a different directory then set ITK_DIR to that installation we start getting header not found errors and library not found errors. (This is with a clean configuration and compile of our project). Is using an actual “install” of ITK supported? I know in the distant path it wasn’t really supported and so we have been using the ITK build directory for this entire time (a few years at least). Just curious if anything has changed or was intended to be changed.

Installing should also work. Since that is used far less frequently (people mostly set ITK_DIR to the build tree), every once in a while some error creeps into the install option. The bugs should be reported, and ideally a PR made.

Thanks for the sanity check. The issues were in the TotalVariation remote module. I don’t think the headers are installed into the correct location. I will get one of our engineers to replicate the issue.

The TotalVariation remote module was updated a few days ago, now it installs headers in a standard ITK location. Could you try to reproduce your error with current ITK master? If you still have problems, please report it here or with an issue in github with a complete log of the error/warnings.

Unfortunately I am not sure I can attempt to reproduce right now. We are dependent on the 5.1rc2 (or at least I am told) so I am hesitant to upend my dev environment after I just got it working again.
@dzenanz @matt.mccormick Can I use ITK master instead of rc2 for our work?

You can use bdeb5186bb280624c168297d73536c319e290bb3, which is after TotalVariation update, but before b6ad2853de39734dd2427635949a88a398147df3 which makes a change to remote module system.

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