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@millerjv This is a Organization-wide GitHub Project Board. These projects boards can only be viewed based on permissions. To the best of my knowledge, there is not a way to make it public.

GitHub has fine grained access permissions. We currently have a Community Team, which anyone is welcome to join, and can be notified on GitHub by mentioning @InsightSoftwareConsortium/community. This group currently has limited rights. There are currently also repository-level teams. As we transition, we will likely refine the teams.

Excellent - the next couple of months is actually faster than I expected!

Please add me, @spinicist to the org.

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Please also add me (lassoan). Thanks!

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Please add me (biswajitcs). Thanks!

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A patch to turn neural networks and bio-cell modules into remote modules is now ready for review.

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The release schedule has been updated on the wiki.
The release process will start on April 13th with the call for patches, and will finish on May 18th with the actual official release. Since this release is going to include a lot more changes than the previous ones, we foresee more (unexpected) problems and therefore extended the release schedule compared to the previous release.


could you please add me as well ? (@bonisthegreat)

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Great news…thank you.

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What version of CMake should we use to better support ITKv5? 3.8.2, 3.9.1, 3.9.5, 3.10.1, or some other?

We should find a balance between “What will be easy to use in say Oct. 2018, and have future focused features needed for many years to come”?

@matt.mccormick Do you have a proposal?

Can you add me too please? I’m ‘seanm’ on github. Thanks. Sean

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Can I be added as well. I’m ‘jeffduda’ on github.

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