Increase WL intensity

I have a sitk::Image rendered into a VTK viewer, which is seen well at W/L 242/1195.

I noticed that after I apply BinaryThreshold filter, the sitk::Image result is seen well on my VTK viewer. But, if I apply a sitk::SLIC, or sitk::ConnectedComponent, or sitk::ChangeLabel, the resulted sitk::Image has not such intensity to see something (is just a diffuse cube), until I modify the WL to lower values (W70, L50). And this is happen even if I setup insideValue at 255 (when I can do that).

My question is, is there any filter or solution to have a normal intensity of WL after any kind of image filters applied ?

You can record minimum/maximum value of your original image, then restore it later using ShiftScaleImageFilter. But I think that adjusting your Window/Level to the new intensities is a better solution.

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