includes target "gdcmjpeg8" more than once in the export set

hi friends:
I am trying to compile the ITK source code with cmake, the version of ITK is 5.2.1. if I enable the option BUILD_SHARED_LIBS, the configure is successfully but generate failed. the error as below:

, if I unselect the BUILD_SHARED_LIBS option. both configure and generate are successfully, but there has no build target when I execute mingw32-make . this issue confuse me so much. thank your for anybody`s another in advance!!!

Which version of CMake are you using? I think there was some specific version (3.18.0? or 3.19.0?) about a year ago which had this issue.

Also, MinGW is not an officially supported platform, it has not been tested nightly for a while.

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thank you so much, my cmake version is 3.19! after I update it to the letest version. had compile successfully!!!
as I use the QT with ITK, so I use mingw!! any better recommend or offical tool stack??

I think even 3.19.1 or 3.19.2 would work, but latest is greatest (usually).

Visual Studio works well with Qt, as exemplified by Slicer, ITK-SNAP, MITK and countless small projects.

thank you for your kindly help!! welcome to BeiJIng China!! :grinning:

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