I had trouble using SiddonJacobsRayCastInterpolateImageFunction

I had trouble using SiddonJacobsRayCastInterpolateImageFunction. I could install itk and itk-twoprojectionregistration. I can find the SiddonJacobsRayCastInterpolateImageFunction module during dir (itk). But when I try to use SiddonJacobsRayCastInterpolateImageFunction module, error occurred. How can I do to solve this problems. Here is the error message.

KeyError Traceback (most recent call last)
3 PixelType = itk.D
4 ImageType = itk.Image[PixelType, Dimension]
----> 5 dir(itk.SiddonJacobsRayCastInterpolateImageFunction)
6 #InterpolatorType = itk.SiddonJacobsRayCastInterpolateImageFunction[ImageType,itk.D]

~\anaconda3\lib\site-packages\itk\support\lazy.py in getattribute(self, attr)
134 for k, v in namespace.items():
135 setattr(self, k, v)
→ 136 value = namespace[attr]
137 else: # one of the other threads that had been blocking
138 # waiting for first thread to complete. Now the

KeyError: ‘SiddonJacobsRayCastInterpolateImageFunction’

Hi @hcs027 ,

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KeyError: ‘SiddonJacobsRayCastInterpolateImageFunction’

This indicates the itk-twoprojectionregistration package may not be installed in your environemnt.