How to use ITK multi threading primitives to do parallel execution of loop iteration

I am currently working on a patch which accelerates the execution speed of the ANTs Atropos application. I have until now been using openmp to implement the acceleration. The suggested code changes and initial related discussion can be found in PR

In essence the change accelerates a loop using the omp parallel c++ pragma macro.

In the PR it was suggested by @gdevenyi (thank you) that I reimplement the code using ITK’s multithreading features as described in

I have been trying to wrap my head around the ITK multi-threading framework, but cannot seem to find a way to convert my current openmp accelerated code into code that utilizes to ITK building blocks described in the documentation.

If anyone have any ideas, suggestion, or resources such as examples or tutorials, it will be of greatly help.

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Here are a few examples of itk::MultiThreaderBase::ParallelizeArray in action:

Hi @dzenanz. Thank you for your reply, I really appreciate your help and the pointers to the code examples. I have tried my best to think of ways to apply the examples to my problem, but I still fail to see how. As fare as I can see, the example that you have linked do parallel acceleration of an integer index iterationer, and when I try to apply this it seems hard to make a generel solution that works for multiple dimensionalties.

Maybe a parallelized version of the Iterator’s, or some sort of wrapper function exists and can be applied?

I’m trying to replace/accelerate the loop iteration:

ConstNeighborhoodIterator<ClassifiedImageType> ItO(
  radius, this->GetOutput(), this->GetOutput()->GetRequestedRegion());
ImageRegionIterator<RealImageType> ItS(this->m_SumPosteriorProbabilityImage,
for (ItO.GoToBegin(), ItS.GoToBegin(); !ItO.IsAtEnd(); ++ItO, ++ItS)


I have been looking at the ParallelizeImageRegion construct as used in useparallelizeimageregion maybe this construct can be used? I however also for this construct fail to see how the code should be put together (how ParallelizeImageRegion should be used together with the ConstNeighborhoodIterator and ImageRegionIterator).

Do you have any idears or thoughts about how and/or if this sort of acceleration of the ConstNeighborhoodIterator and ImageRegionIterator can be achieved using the ITK primitives?

I thought you were trying to parallelize for (unsigned int k = 0; k < zSize; k++).

For parallelizing region iteration, ParallelizeImageRegion is the right choice. In essence, the old code goes into the lambda function of ParallelizeImageRegion, and it iterates over the lambda’s parameter (partial region) instead of the whole region. Some other changes might be needed to enable parallel computation. Here is a simpler example:

Here is a non-trivial example:

and the refactoring change from the old to the new, parallel implementation:

Also take a look at ITK5MigrationGuide.

Hi @dzenanz Thank your so much, this was exactly what I needed to get going, with offset in the example, I have managed to rework the code into something that gives the same both output and execution acceleration as in my original openmp implementation, the new code however is a lot more generic and should also work for all dimensions.

I have made the following branch with my changes:…br-cpvc:ANTs:upstream_20221206_1415

As this is my first go at using the ITK multithreading primitives I’m not entirely sure that my implementation is ITK best practice. If you could glans over these changes and comment on the implementation that I have made, I would be of great value. Any suggestions for improvements are very welcome.

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From a glance, you got it right. It is supposed to be that easy.

@dzenanz Thank for so much for taking the time to do a final review and comment on my changes.

I’m glad to inform you that I now have submitted this change as a new PR for the ANTs project: PERF: accelerating antsAtroposSegmentationImageFilter.hxx function GetPosteriorProbabilityImage using ITK ParallelizeImageRegion by br-cpvc · Pull Request #1462 · ANTsX/ANTs · GitHub My hope is that this can be merged, so that every one can benefit from this.

Thank you again for helping me wrap my head around the ITK multi-threading primitives and realize how this should be implemented.

Also special thanks to @gdevenyi for sending me here with my questions.

For everyone in the projects: keep up the great work that you all are doing, thanks a bunch, I’m very grateful :wink: