how to use cmake map_imported_config_<config> with ITK


I am using ITK -3.20.1 version in my own project with visual studio. I would like to create a custom configuration derived from release in this manner:

foreach(_itklib ${ITK_LIBRARIES})
  set_target_properties(${_itklib} PROPERTIES MAP_IMPORTED_CONFIG_FINAL "RELEASE")

this is not working out for me. Moreover, in Visual Studio 2019 in Additional Library Directories C:/InsightToolkit-3.20.1_bin/bin/$(Configuration) evaluates to C:/InsightToolkit-3.20.1_bin/bin/Final instead of C:/InsightToolkit-3.20.1_bin/bin/$Release could anybody tell me how to fix this.


Another question related to this I had was, is there a way to extract targets for ITK-3.20.1 so that I could directly use set_target_properties on it. Any hint is highly appreciated.

Version 3.20.0 was released in July 2010, and patch version 3.20.1 in October 2011. They are no longer supported. Use at least 4.13.2, and preferably 5.0.1 or 5.1 RC1.

@dzenanz thanks for your response but at this point in time at my current place of work, I cannot really upgrade to ITK-3.20.1.