How to set source to detector distance

I’m currently looking GetDRRSiddonJacobsRayTracing [1] to generate DRR images from 3D-CT volumes. Does this example have a way to set source to detector distance ?

If so can you elaborate with an example.


Maybe post this question on RTK mailing list. But even posting here, @simon.rit might answer.

This is actually not using RTK. The interpolate function which is used itk::SiddonJacobsRayCastInterpolateImageFunction, does not seem to have such an option so I’m guessing the DRR is computed at the isocenter. Changing it to another distance is a simple matter of changing the spacing and the origin of your DRR I suppose.

I need to add source to detector distance to this code as 1536 mm. In that case how can apply this change ? Could you please help me to figure it out ?