How to set parameters on CED, EED and cCEED

Hello, I’m quite new to this framework but i can’t get a grasp of how to use its python interface. I would like to replicate the weikert Diffusion type in the simplest way possible by denoising some of my own images like show in .

So far i’ve succeeded in using the CoherenceEnhancingDiffusionImageFilter, but i can’t seem to be able to change the various parameters (lambda, diffusion time, feature scale etc.) like in the website.
Any help is really appreciated


it seems that it’s as simple as SetLambda on the instance of the filter

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@dzenanz i still can’t find the EED and CED filters though

SetEnhancement is used to switch between enum EnhancementType { CED, cCED, EED, cEED, Isotropic }.

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@dzenanz In this example code here

instance = itk.CoherenceEnhancingDiffusionImageFilter[itk.Image[itk.F,2]].New(rescaled_image)
instance.SetEnhancement(arg) # arg has to be constant.

Someone more experienced in Python wrapping is better suited to answer this, perhaps @blowekamp (@matt.mccormick is on a conference :smiley:)

For anyone else that might be searching this.
instance.SetEnhancement(instance.cEED) , same goes for EED CED.
This way you set the filter how you want it.