How to see itk current code coverage


I can’t find a way to see the current coverage of itk, file per file…
I’m sure I’m missing something, any help ?



Hi @asertyuio,
looks like the last coverage report dates back to a couple of days ago:

Clicking on the percentage figure you should be able to see the coverage module-wise and file-wise.




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A followup to @asertyuio’s question above: I see that cdash provides a very nice module-by-module breakdown of the code coverage:

Is there a similar breakdown including remote modules? Or if not, what is the preferred way of determining code coverage for a remote module?

Hi @DVigneault,
there is no automated code coverage reporting from remote modules to my knowledge.

I guess this could be automated as a first step on a per-remote-module basis by adding the appropriate coverage commands to the corresponding GitHub Actions workflow scripts (which are being deployed progressively and substituting other CI services).

But not sure if or how it would work.

Otherwise, if want to try locally, and if you have a Linux system, you may run the gcov or lcov commands with the appropriate options. You should be able to get an HTML report with a similar module breakdown as for the ITK base code.

Maybe IDEs for macOS and Windows allow you to do this as well, but I ignore that.