How to run examples from where we need both ITK and VTK?

(Sindhura C) #1

I wanted to try the examples from
This needs "ITK-VTK glue " to be built. I am not understanding how to do this.
I have installed ITK and tried executing a few examples.
Do I need to download VTK separately and then install ITK-VTK glue?

(Dženan Zukić) #2

You need to download and build VTK. Then configure ITK with Module_ITKVtkGlue ON. It is OFF by default. You will also need to set a path for VTK_DIR. Finally compile ITK. Then the few classes from ITKVtkGlue module should be available.

(Sindhura C) #3

I have configured ITK , VTK and then configured ITKVTKGlue on top of it.
I tried executing an example from
After building it, I tried debugging, But the error is shown as below. What can it be about?

(Dženan Zukić) #4

You need to add VTK’s bin folder to the path so the DLLs are found. Or build VTK as static libraries by setting BUILD_SHARED_LIBS to OFF in CMake configuration of VTK.