How to reslice 3D volume image by ITK

If I provide the center and normal, how can I use the ITK to reslice 3D volume image? VTK has a class “vtkImageReslice”, does itk has similar class? Because I don’t know how to convert world coordinate to pixel location in VTK, I want to implement it in ITK.

ITK has resample image filter.

For transforming points, you should look into ImageBase's method TransformPhysicalPointToContinuousIndex and its friends

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Thank you very much for your kindly answer. However, in the resample image filter, I can’t find a method to input the center point and normal. How to decide the center point and the normal for the reslice plane?

You need to define the image grid, not just the center point and normal. Here is an example. You need to figure out correct origin, spacing, direction and transform.
The direction’s third vector is the “normal”, but you also need to decide on the first two.

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