How to report ITK issues

I’ve tried to report a potential error in ITK in the bug report but it seems that only anonymous browsing works. If I create an account and log in and open the ITK bugtracker ( then I get this error and cannot access the bugtracker at all:


I’ve found the link to the bugtracker here and there was no indication of any additional steps that I have to do to for getting permission for creating new issues.

I guess this forum is watched by more people than the bug tracker. @matt.mccormick @blowekamp @hjmjohnson What is the long-term plan for the bug tracker?

According to the ISC GitHub migration project, the plan is to migrate the JIRA issues to GitHub issues.

That is consistent with migration to GitHub and would allow us more flexibility and better consistency in the task of cross-ref’ing and closing issues from PR’s.

I guess this will take some time, and in the meantime we will need to carry on with Atlassian’s bug tracking system.

I’d dare to say that Andras’ problem is one having to do with write/report access to JIRA.

I remember having rights issues a while ago; my guess was that my prior rights were not properly handled when Atlassian rolled out the latest version of the JIRA ecosystem.

I think I contacted the ITK JIRA sys admins and the problem was solved after the necessary tweaks.

I think that Andras’ point was that a random new user might not have “write” access required to report a bug. But it might as well stem from him having an account on the old bug tracker causing the weird transition issue.

I had account before, so it may be a migration issue then. Could somebody check access rights of my account - lasso at

I don’t think I am an admin on the new JIRA website, so I can’t see accounts. @hjmjohnson is the owner of the ITK Project on JIRA. Maybe he can see if you have an account.

Yes, I think this may be a migration issue. User accounts need to be manually associated with imported users from the prior version of Jira. My account does not appear to have the privileges to do this either.

In the meantime, until @hjmjohnson we could consider migrating to GitHub issues or just discussing issues on Discourse.

Thank you all. For now, I’ve added a topic in this forum to keep track of the issue: Index out of range error in LiThresholdCalculator

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Are old bugs being migrated? I lost a few when the bug tracker changed to JIRA and I have no idea if they still exist, as I have the same problem logging in.

@gdevenyi The migration was transparent, and thus lossless in principle. You do not need to have an account to visit the issues; they’re visible without requiring logging in. Log in is required to report issues and edit them though.

That said, I think we’ll need to wait until @hjmjohnson can have a look at your user rights issues.

Jira invitation sent to Gabriel.


Thanks @hjmjohnson.

I now have access to my issues… but I can’t comment on them? Maybe I can’t figure our JIRA…

You should see a comment icon at the bottom of the issue you are reviewing. Clicking on that icon opens an editor.

There is no button for me:

I fear it is a rights issue. @hjmjohnson can you have a look at the issue Gabriel is having when you find some time, please? Thanks for your patience Gabriel.

I don’t see Gabriel on the list of people, so I don’t know how to change his permissions.

@jhlegarreta I gave you administrator permissions on Jira, so you can look into this too.

We could grant @gdevenyi the necessary rights to comment on his issues in the Jira Software so the issue is solved @hjmjohnson.

Following up on this thread:

Since we have successfully moved to the GitHub Issue Tracker, please report and discuss issues there.

Creating new issues has been disabled on the JIRA issue tracker. However, the issues will be available for reference for the foresable future. If you find an issue in JIRA that is still relevant, or you would like to simply contribute to the ITK community :sunny:, please migrate the issue to the GitHub issue tracker.