How to remove CT bed from 3D CT image?

I have 3D CT image of the head (DICOM image). It looks like the following.

I want to remove the imaging machine from the image. Is there any function in SimpleITK, which does this?

I saw a previous query similar to this and tried to implement it, but it did not work.
The remove_noise method showed the following error:

AttributeError: module 'morphology' has no attribute 'dilation'

Hello @debapriya,

There is no specific function in ITK/SimpleITK to remove the bed from the image. This usually involves multiple steps. I highly recommend you follow @lassoan’s advice and use the module from 3D Slicer.

p.s. The morphology module, is an skimage module, not ITK/SimpleITK. Its documentation does say it has a dilation method (the code in the other post did not include all the imports).


Thank you @zivy . I tried 3D Slicer using the GUI. In the Segment Editor module, I used scissors to remove the table. However, in the screenshot given in @lassoan 's advice, there is a separate module named Remove CT table (RED rectangle in the below screenshot), which I could not find. Please help.

The “Remove CT table” module is available in Slicer after you install the “Sandbox” extension.

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Thank you @lassoan . I could remove CT Table using the Sandbox extension. However, I cannot save the resulting DICOM series. I am trying to do Export to Dicom, but I cannot proceed. The below screenshot shows where I am stuck.

There is no Start Export button to start the process.

You are using a very old Slicer version. Please update to the latest Slicer Stable Release. If you still have problems with DICOM export then please ask on the Slicer Forum.

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Yes, it is working with the latest version. Thank you @lassoan

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