How to register 3D to 4D

Hi all,

I have a 4D image X which is a stack of few 3D volumes. Let’s assume that these 3D volumes are already registered. I also have a 3D volume Y with a different contrast and would like to register it to the 4D image. Let’s assume that we need rigid registration. I was able to do it by registering Y to a randomly picked 3D volume from X. But the accuracy is not always great. I was wondering if I could use the information within all 3D volumes of X and somehow simultaneously register Y to all 3D volumes of X. Is there a way to do that? One idea is to minimize the sum of cost functions for Y and each component of X. Does SimpleITK or ITK provide this kind of multi-volume registration?


I don’t think what you want already exists in ITK. I can’t think of a quick and easy way to implement it.

It is a special case of groupwise registration. One of the Google hits is UNC’s hammer.