How to read series of Dicom images into Django using ITK.js for web volume rendering using VTK.js?

Hello everyone,
I want to load series of DICOM images into the server and want to visualize it as a volume rendering using vtk.js on the web. As I found here ( that vtk.js doesn’t have support to load DICOM images so instead of VTK.js, I have to use ITK.js to read the Dicom image and later need to pass the input to the VTK.js for visualization.

I followed some examples from VTK.js pages and they worked very well in the Django framework, now I need to implement the ITK.js part to call DICOM series images.

Is there a way to just pass the ITK.js library like vtk.js in the Django framework or do I need to build from the beginning? I just need it to read Dicom images as my work is related to DICOM files.

And also I couldn’t find a better example of how to call or load DICOM images using ITK.js and then what should I pass to VTK.js.

Any helpful link related to ITK.js and VTK.js for reading the series of Dicom images in the Django framework would be healful.

Thank you!

MIQA project uses itk.js and django. It only handles NIFTIs at the moment, but you could find some inspiration here:


To use itk.js from, see this example:

To read a DICOM series, use readImageDICOMFileSeries. To read a multi-frame DICOM, use readImageFile.

Convert the resulting itk/Image to a vtkImageData with convertItkToVtkImage.

Sorry for the late reply and thanks for the suggestion.
I successfully use ITK.js to read the Dicom images in the Django framework. I couldn’t use itk.js from as I guess there’s some problem either on my side or somewhere inside that package. But after passing itk.js as like this
<script src=""></script> worked for me.
I was wondering is there any way to pass below function in VTK.js:
smooth = vtk.vtkImageGaussianSmooth()
I searched a lot but I couldn’t find an image gaussian function inside both itk and vtk.js.
Do you have any suggestions for this?
Thank you!

Is there something problematic about SmoothWithRecursiveGaussian?

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