how to read a multi-frame DICOM with itk-wasm

I want to read a multi frame DICOM file with the API of readImageFile,but it doesn’t work。And it is normal to read a single frame file.

And using the demo also doesn’t work.I wonder if itk-wasm does not support multi frame DICOM.

here is the demo i am using

I would appreciate if anyone has any reply

Did you mean that reading single-slice DICOM works normally?

I am afraid you will have to wait for @matt.mccormick to come back to the office. That is expected to happen towards the end of June.

thanks for your reply

Can I understand that itk-wasm does not support reading multi-frame DICOM yet ?

I don’t know. Maybe it does. But it might need to use the regular (non-DICOM) way to read images.

Last time I checked, that API is still restricted to single-frame series. (I would have to check the code to see if the DICOM reading pipeline has changed.)

A more involved alternative is to use ITK directly with itk-wasm (Hello WASM World! | itk-wasm), and potentially use something like itk::ImageSeriesReader.

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Thanks for the suggestion.And this is a good alternative

itk-wasm does support multi-frame DICOM’s with readImageFile.

This example using itk.js needs to be updated to itk-wasm. Please try this itk-wasm example.

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