How to hide the shadow between 2 fused/blend tiles

hello, im running the sample replaced the origin data with my local tiles
environment: windows 10 python 3.9.0 itk-montage 0.7.3
the result seems good yet there are shadow between each tiles, is there any param in TileMergeImageFilter to disable the shadow
or any documentation about this, can’t find related part in or ItkSoftwareGuide

If by “shadows” you mean these dark rectangles, they shouldn’t be there.

What happens if you use the C++ example? Can you try a pixel type with higher bit depth (e.g. 16 bits instead of 8)? Can you share the Python code used to read the images and invoke TileMergeImageFilter? Can you provide TileConfiguration.txt and *.jpg files you used?

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Now I see you also created an issue. Let’s continue the discussion there, so we don’t spread it in two places.

ok I updated on the issue page. thanks sir