How to get datasets for the examples which get built in the ITK build?

After building the ITK library, I tried to run the examples with the demo datasets which I suppose should come along with the library. However I am not able to find how to download these datasets. Also I downloaded the zip files but the zip files only contain sha/md5 files, I am not sure how to get actual dataset from these files which can be used as a starting point for a beginner.

Also I have heard that the dataset is available in the same directory structure as the build output, but i am not able to download it.
for example, say :
~/itkbin/bin - directory has ImageRegistration11 example built, how can I get the corresponding data to this example (or any other example).

You need to build ITKData target, in order for the data to be downloaded. It gets downloaded into build directory’s ExternalData subdirectory. On my computer that is C:\Dev\ITK-19\ExternalData, on yours it might be ~/itkbin/bin/ExternalData.

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