How to establish type of study

Hello is it possible given arbitrary dicom files to establish is it computer tomography, pet or MRI using simple itk python library

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Hello @Jakub_Mitura,

The modality can be obtained from the appropriate DICOM tag (0008|0060) which is not surprisingly called “modality”. This information, along with all the other DICOM tag values is found in the meta-data dictionary associated with the image.

Without reading the bulk image content:

import SimpleITK as sitk

reader = sitk.ImageFileReader()

or with reading it:

import SimpleITK as sitk

image = sitk.ReadImage('2.25.197740477224313075400152842464454543777.dcm')

Thanks !!
I will get deeper into dicom codes,
I am looking for example wheather sth was done with bone or soft tissue protocol for ct study i assume that i can establish it using
X-Ray Tube Current in mA. Metadata tag am i correct

Also do you know wheather there is a function in itk to convert normal values in pet image to stardarized uptake values ? SUV max for example ?

Thank you for your time !!!

Hello @Jakub_Mitura,

With respect to bone or soft tissue protocol, I suspect you are correct, but I’m not an expert on this. For the list of tags describing the CT image acquisition see here. I think you can compare between the two types of acquisitions and find out what is different between them to confirm.

With respect to computing SUV values, that is up to the developer as computation involves values from the image and external values (injected dose and body weight). I suspect these numbers are available in DICOM tags, but it is up to the developer to access them and perform the relevant calculations (see “Standardized Uptake Values of FDG: Body Surface Area Correction is Preferable to Body Weight Correction”, C.K. Kim et al., 1994).

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Re. SUV, see