How to enable nifti2 library

I would like to try using nifti2 library, but if I set USE_NIFTI2_CODE then it gets reverted to USE_NIFTI2_CODE=OFF in this line:

Is this intentional?

It it probably intentional, but @hjmjohnson could provide more information as he last updated it.

@lassoan. At the time of the last update of ITK’s nifti_clib code, was unable to verify that the nifti2 support would work. I have seen recent work on on the upstream nfti_clib package to fix some deficiencies with the behaviors of nifti2, and I am unsure if they have been resolved.

I would recommend 1) verifying that nifti2 is stable in the upstream nifti_clib implementation, 2) updating ITK’s internal NIFTI with the latest upstream code, and then 3) doing your test.

This is a backburner item for me to do, but it will likely not be until next spring before I get a chance to work on it.



Thank you, I just wanted to make sure that I don’t miss something trivial. I’ve submitted an issue for the problem that I’ve been experiencing with niftilib (and you have already commented on it - thank you).