How to disable GDCM functionality

I am struggling with building ITK 5.3.0 with vcpkg. Is there a way to globally disable the GDCM functionality? Our application does not use it and it is causing issues in the build where GDCM_CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX is not defined. Went looking in the CMake code for something to disable it but nothing obvious showed up.

Have you seen this discussion? Especially this post.

Read through it. Disabled the default modules. Nothing really shows up as Module_GDCM anything…

You also need to disable group IO, and maybe even TestKernel, for Module_GDCM* to show up.

I feel like if I disable Group_IO I am also going to lose TIFF, PNG, BMP read/write functionality?

Yes, but you can enable all of them individually, via their Module_PNG etc variables which will show up once the group has been disabled.

Ok. Cool. I’ll give that a go.