How to convert DICOM sequence images into a multi frame DICOM file.

Now I have dicom files of one sequence? Totally 117 files. Now I want to write these files into on .dcm File?
How to do it? not use mimics and so on.

com.pixelmed.dicom.MultiFrameImageFactory will (a) gather DICOM single frame images into frame sets sharing common characteristics and (b) make multi-frame DICOM images out of each of those sets


sorry! what is “com.pixelmed.dicom.MultiFrameImageFactory”

S. 1st example in the post

Download link


thanks !

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There is also David Clunie’s tool dcmulti from dicom3tools

Put single-frame DICOM files to into a folder and e.g.

dcmulti -sortby ImagePositionPatient myfolder/* > multiframe.dcm

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