How to change VascularNetwork.tre file from TubeTK into 0-1 mask?

I am trying to use the TubeTK dataset here to do some intracranial vasculature segmentation task. Thus i need to use the VascularNetwork.tre file as the ground truth. The problem is how to change this .tre file to 3d 0-1 mask where 1 marks the existance of vessel?

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We have a jupyter notebook example that exactly shows how to do this!


Note that the one trick is to define a “Template” image which specifies the location, size, and resolution of the image you want to generate from the .tre file.

This demo also shows off the 3D visualization capabilities of itkWidgets.

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Hi Stephen, thanks for your reply. Also there is a really beginner question about installing ITK. I am new to this and heavn’t installed it. The link you gave said ITK, ITKTubeTK and ITKWidgets are all required, I searched the web and it seems that all 3 can be installed simply using one ‘pip’ or ‘conda install’ command now, is this true? Cause I remeber seeing some old discussions that install ITK(or maybe TubeTK) is a very complex process with some really pain environment settings.

You’re right! The following should work:

pip install itktubetk
pip install itkwidgets[all]

Installing itktubetk will automatically bring in the most recent ITK.

Installing itkwidgets[all] will add support for jupyter lab, jupyter notebooks, colab, and sagemaker/studiolab