How to change the radius of the label (.tre file) in TubeTK

Using the TubeTK example: ‘Demo-ConvertTubesToImage.ipynb’ and the dataset of ‘100 Healthy Normal MRIs and MRAs from UNC’’ ( I’ve trained a model and built a baseline in Python. But now, I want to double the radius of labels (in term of .tre files) as the extended label, how to realise that in Python? what i know is that there is the function .SetUseRadius()

@Stephen_Aylward should be able to answer that.

I just committed made a pull request for a demo that does exactly what you requested (I hope :slight_smile:). It reads a .tre file, shows how to convert base spatial objects to their specialized type (e.g., to tubes) so that their specialized member functions (e.g., Get/SetRadiusInObjectSpace()) can be called. This demo doubles the radius of tubes in a .tre file.


Thanks!!! The demo perfectly solved my problem. :smiley: