How can I read/write series of .tiff in webpage using itk.js?

Hi all,

I am trying to read a series of .tiff or .tif files into the webpage using ITK.js. I know it supports it as it’s here Supported Image File Formats | itk-wasm and it says I have to use the readImageFileSeries function to read it into a webpage.

And I did something like below:
<script src=""></script>

vol_prom[l] = itk.readImageFileSeries(vol_files[l], zSpacing=1.0, zOrigin=0.0).then(function ({ image: itkImage }) {
                vol_imageData = convertItkToVtkImage(itkImage)

However, I am getting errors like readImageFileSeries does not exist in ITK.js. I checked inside the ITK.js file and I realize that the readImageFileSeries file is not inside it.
So how can I use the readImageFileSeries function?

Thank you

Did you take a look at the migration guide?

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Thank you for sharing the solution.