Hi I'm new to ITK & RTK, I have some questions.

Hi I’m trying to use ITK and RTK with python.

however I do not know anything about cmake.

Is the cmake necessary to use ITK & RTK in python?

and It is hard to find an python examples for RTK… most of them were written in C++

Is there any docs for itk-rtk python package?

I believe that CMake is not necessary for using Python packages of ITK and RTK.

@simon.rit should have more information.

Yes indeed, most of our examples are in C++ currently in the form of command line applications along with short scripts here, sorry about that. There is the first reconstruction example both in C++ and Python. We have started to translate our command line examples to python, the first one is the rtksimulatedgeometry.py. We’ll provide more soon along with a nicer documentation, be patient or try to understand how to translate C++ to python code, there is not so much difference. Good luck! And prefer RTK’s mailing list for your questions, more people familiar with RTK are following it.


thank you for replying!

Thank you very much!
I just subscribed the mailing list.
I should go ask few questions there.