GPU Registration - Mutual Information


by GPUDemonsRegistrationFilter (itk 4.9.1) I was able to set up image registration.Registration results are really nice after fine tuning of parameters: SetMaximumError(0.08), SetMaximumKernelWidth(10) and SetIntensityDifferenceThreshold(0.001) in my case. Although using full image resolution of 3D MRI images, it is working fast. However, I have two questions:

  • Is there a possibility of multi resolution approach to further increase speed?
  • Is it possible to use mutual information metric to register differents types of images?

Thank you!

Hi @Knut,

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Good questions…

It may be possible to use GPUDemonsRegistrationFilter with the itk::MultiResolutionPDEDeformableRegistration class via SetRegistrationFilter, but this is untested.

The PDE / Demons registration is based on the “flow” of image intensities based on the assumption that intensities are similar. To use a mutual information metric to register different types of images, a different registration method is required, like the ITK registration framework.