GitHub status CDash link now available for ITK module repositories

When creating an ITK external module on GitHub with the ITKModuleTemplate, configuration for free continuous integration testing services are provided. This includes a CTest script that reports the results of a CircleCI Linux build and test to ITK’s CDash dashboard.

A repository pull request will now also include a link to CDash page for the current pull request’s build in GitHub’s status:

The Details link for the continuous-integration/cdash status will display CDash’s visualization of a build’s warnings, errors, and unit test results:

Currently, the continuous-integration/cdash status will always be listed as success (green checkmark) – the individual build statuses should be observed to understand which builds pass or fail.

All repositories within the InsightSoftwareConsortium GitHub organization have this service enabled. If you would like to create a repository in this organization, please let us know.


That is outstanding!

So with this usage, while the CDash link will always be green in the pull down, the aggregate result icon will still be correct since it includes the results from the actual build service.


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Sweet. :grinning:

Can this be added to the SimpleITK organization too or the SimpleITK/SimpleITK project too?

This is great!
What is your recommendation for existing ExternalModules to take advantage of this --and keeping up-to-date with future development in ITKModuleTemplate? Should I copy the files or try to rebase the module on top of ITKModuleTemplate?

If I have access to these and few tweaks are made.

To merge in updates, the ITKModuleTemplate cookiecutter could be executed, then changes merged in with a tool like meld.

This is simply awesome, and very necessary for transitioning ITK to GitHub. Thanks for leading this @matt.mccormick

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