Getting Started/installation

Hi all,

I have a “could not find any instance of Visual Studio” error upon clicking “Configure” in CMake.

I have zero knowledge about ITK/RTK yet apart from the ITKSoftwareGuide book1 that i started reading.

I do already have VScode installed and running.
On windows, i downloaded the zips of InsightToolkit-5.3.0 and RTK-2.4.1, and extracted their contents into an RTK folder on my desktop. I added an “outputs_from_CMake” folder there too.
I ran CMake, designated the InsightToolkit-5.3.0 folder as source and the outputs folder as binary.

(I also ran pip install rtk earlier in a new notebook on jupyterlab, which seems to have correctly done what it was supposed to do.)

If anyone know what i did wrong please tell me.

Best regards,


You seem to be confusing VSCode with Visual Studio. VSCode is probably using Makefile or Ninja generator.

You are probably right, thanks.
But then how do i get Visual Studio and how do i get CMake to find Visual Studio when i press the Configure button ?

Download and install, CMake will find it automatically. You might need to close and reopen CMake.

Thank you !

To help clarify the difference between VSCode, Visual Studio, and provide relevant links, we made improvements to ITK’s documentation here: