Getting HU values after loading volume

Do we need to convert pixel values to HU values after reading CT volumes using simpleITK.
Code I am using for reading volume:
reader = SimpleITK.ImageSeriesReader()
filenamesDICOM = reader.GetGDCMSeriesFileNames(pathDicom)
imgOriginal = reader.Execute()

So will the sitk ImageSeriesReader will take care of this conversion automatically or do I need to do it explicitly as: hu = pixel_value * slope + intercept ?


Hello @anillspawar,

No need to do anything beyond read the image, SimpleITK takes care of everything for you.

For a wide range of examples, please see the toolkit’s Jupyter notebook repository and the short examples on read-the-docs.


Thankyou @zivy for the quick clarification :slight_smile: