Getting error in mhd file reading

I am getting this error!!

THE mhd File can’t be found or read by the simpleitk 1.2.4

I am getting the same error!

What to do??

RuntimeError: Exception thrown in SimpleITK ReadImage: /tmp/SimpleITK-build/ITK/Modules/IO/Meta/src/itkMetaImageIO.cxx:491:
itk::ERROR: MetaImageIO(0x5626ef6dffe0): File cannot be read: /data/lobedata/LUNG_LOBE_CT_Data/Train/Image/ for reading.
Reason: No such file or directory

I was reading the file by this code: sitk.ReadImage(file_image, sitk.sitkInt16)
But I checked that the file is there.

I am using ubuntu 18.04. SimpleITK 1.2.4

Hello @anirban1513,

Please don’t cross post to the SimpleITK GitHub issues and to the ITK discourse. Posting on one of these forums is sufficient.

The question was answered on the SimpleITK github issues post.