Gerrit Code Review read-only archive

Hi folks,

Since we now use GitHub for code reviews :metal:, we are archiving the old Gerrit Code Review instance. On Saturday, December 15th, the instance will be transitioned to a read-only, static version. This version will

  • Preserve code review discussions
  • Preserve URLs pointing to change sets and patch sets
  • Allow search based on Change-Id’s (found in commit messages for patches merged through Gerrit)
  • Allow browsing of previously open, merged, and abandoned patches
  • Make downloadable patches available for every patch set. These patches can be applied locally with git am

@hjmjohnson has led the effort to push outstanding branches to GitHub and abandon open topic branches than are no longer relevant. If there are other remaining topic patches that you would like to push to GitHub or mark abandoned, now is the time!


This could be moved into the Announcements category?

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After the transition is complete, I will update this post with the additional information.

Next week, we will release ITK 5.0 Beta 2 with a focus on the GitHub transition and collect related updates in a post to Announcements. This will help keep traffic down in Announcements.

The Gerrit archive is live:

The website:

  • Archives associated review conversations
  • Provides Change-Id based search
  • Archives associated patch files
  • Archives all Change Sets
  • Archives all Patch Sets
  • Archive up to 30 file diff pages per Patch Set
  • Archives Open, Merged, and Abandoned pages

Most existing links should resolve.

To go to the review conversation for a specific commit, pass the Change Id in the field in the upper right, and click the green Go to Change-Id button. Change Id’s are the number found at the bottom of a commit message. For example:

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