Fusion between segmentation and reference image

I’m performing an analysis on a 4D breast MRI scan.
I’m trying to fuse the segmentation results on a reference image dataset (3D), but without results.
So i have the lesion segmented, then i multiply it by, p.ex., the wash-in map to get a voxel map of the entire segmentation, and then i convert it to RGB.
What i’m not getting is how to do the fusion with the reference 3D anatomical data.
And i’m “limited” to itk.
Could anyone help me out?


Hello @Nuno_Loucao1,

See this SimpleITK notebook for various visualization options. You can run it using binder, click the button on the top right of the the notebook. Once you figure out which visualization works for you you can write similar code using ITK proper and not SimpleITK, per your constraint.