functional interface for filters? SimpleITK


What is the difference between sitk.BinaryErodeImageFilter and sitk.BinaryErode?

Where can I find more documentation about this? If I remember correctly this is a functional interface for filters?




In the Doxygen documentation for the class, there is a section “see also” which contains the following:

[itk::simple::BinaryDilate]( for the procedural interface

This is constantly linked in the Doxygen Pages for all the classes, so it is easy to find.

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Hello @Diego_C,

The latest API doxygen documentation is available here. The specific documentation for the BinaryErodeImageFilter is here.

For almost all object oriented interfaces sitk.ABCImageFilter there is a corresponding procedural interface sitk.ABC(). The detailed documentation is found on the ABCImageFilter doxygen webpage, and when you go to the page search for the word “procedural” and you’ll find if it has a procedural interface, and the link to the procedural documentation (sparse as it does the same thing as the object oriented one).

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Searching for the word procedural in the docs saved me a lot of time thanks so much.

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