Finding unmerged commit

I have a problem getting RayCastInterpolateImageFunction to work with ImageRegistrationMethodv4.
It works fine if I just attach it to a resampler and use it that way.
I see someone had an issue here and Matt McCormick mentions he fixed up the code example here:

I can find the parent commit in the nightly master, but not the actual commit. I guess it was unmerged, but I wonder if it lives somewhere accessible?


Original issue:

I can see the first 57 lines of here. @matt.mccormick might be able to find the original branch :smiley:

Thanks again!
Unfortunately the key part is missing there.
I will put together a minimal example and post it separately.

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I think that outstanding topics from gerrit were transitioned to GitHub’s PRs. Here is the list of closed ones sorted by oldest:

The corresponding patch can be downloaded with the Download link in the upper right:

This patch can sometimes be applied with git am, although, in this case, it has to be applied manually.

As noted in the patch and thread, there is more to due in terms of registration parameters. Also the API can be updated for modern, Pythonic itk.

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