Expected nightly exotic having too old CMake

the dashmacmini5.kitware expected nightly exotic sites MacOSX10.7-clang build has an old CMake verison (3.2.1) that is preventing it from building.

Anyone out there knowing claiming the machine/being able to update its CMake so that its dashboard comes hopefully to green?

Also, the brian.jouy.inra.fr site seems unfortunately to be lacking maintenance for quite a while, and chances are that it will not be fixed, so we’d better remove it from the list. This machine seemed to be running dynamic analysis on the toolkit when it could build the project, but I think we will need to live without.


Other exotic builds seem also to have similar issues concerning too old CMakes:

  • site gcc112.fsffrance.org, build Linux-POWER8-GCC-Ninja-Release
  • site dash5.kitware, buils MacOSX-i686-w64-mingw32.static

The C++ compiler on dashmacmini5.kitware is so old it cannot compile CMake 3.10.2 (lack of support for unique_ptr). It is also being shared with other projects, so @matt.mccormick suggested we leave it alone. I moved it to another section of the dashboard.

Thanks Dženan.

The gcc112 and the brian.jouy are then next to consider.

You could install the pre-built CMake binary, the current version supports back to OS X 10.7. You could probably also update to a new Mac OS version…