“exception occurred during imageIO”


hello sir ,when I save edited image used format .mha in macOS, one exception occurred like that. How to solve the question?

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What source code did you use, and what was the exception message?


thank you for replying ,sorry I did not used any code, just tried itksnap with 3.6 and 3.8 , the message is “exception occurred during image IO”.sorry for my poor english.

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Basics: do you have enough free space on your hard drive? Do you have write access to the directory where you are trying to save the image?

Next: can you share the image in question?


thank you for your patience, I can not upload the image without getting patient allowed ,however I run the itksnap in win 10 instead and it works well. anyway, thank you again, it is very kind of you.
Best wishes :slight_smile:

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